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We're a family business, established in 1932, manufacturing fine
Scottish products and distributing ice cream accompaniments
throughout Scotland and beyond.


About Us

We’re friendly

If you need a product and you don’t see it here, get in touch & we’ll see what we can do for you. So, what are we all about? We’ve been around for a very long time, passed through a few generations. Really, we’re in the business of making our confectionery taste good – whether that’s our award-winning fudge or tablet, the development of household brands, top selling products or making great stuff for other companies to put into their ranges.

Our primary mission is quality

We’re handmade here. Not because we can’t afford fancy pieces of kit, but just because some things are best left unchanged and, well, traditional. We prefer people to be in control, not machines so that those people become skilled at doing something and have pride in their individual creations. What’s the point in buying a machine that will make our stuff automatically and exactly the same as everybody else? Where’s the flair? Where’s the love?

Our products are made in the traditional way

Made with a person in control, poured on old school cast iron tables by hand, scored by hand and broken up into the portions again, by hand. Our primary mission is to you, the customer, to ensure that we produce products in an absolutely sustainable manner.

We’re environmentally friendly

We have respect for the wider environment, and make sensible decisions on your behalf. For example. all boxes are made from fsc materials. That means for every tree that becomes one of our boxes, another is planted. The electricity we use to produce our goods is from sustainable sources. All our plastic packaging is as thin and light as we can make it. We wanted to use plant-based plastic, but the environmental costs to that seemed to outdo the good.  We have 6 beehives on site here at the factory to make sure we are playing our role in the pollination of Scotland.

Aldomak...that's a bit of funny name - where does it come from? - As legend would have it the original Italian owner of Aldomak said in her best Scottish accent "I'll do Macaroons".

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